Post Closing Services

Post closing audits never seem to be completed. The closed files stack up and your file room just becomes a burden. How many times can you not find a file? We can help alleviate the headaches of the back-end work. Title Auditing Services, LLC takes the file once the title policy is completed and prepares it for storage. We will verify the recording of releases, request releases for unreleased trust, verify funds and prepare the file for archives. We set up the pick-up of files from your office and send them directly to your storage facility. Once it leaves your office, we see it through to storage.

Post-Closing Quality Control Audits

Our quality control services include a full and complete audit of each settlement file. We use an audit checklist and an audit summary report, which will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate your post-closing process. We offer a reliable and consistent audit of closed loan files that ensures quality post-closing procedures.

Preventive and Corrective Measures

The majority of post closing problems can be avoided through proper due diligence. If a problem is not avoided there are solutions, although that can be costly and/or time consuming. We alleviate hassles by requesting releases for unreleased trusts, verifying funds and recording of releases.

Specific processes include:

-Verification that documents have been recorded

-Verification that policy is completed

-Researching of county land records for releases

-Drafting of demand letters for unreleased trusts

-Following up on demand letter issues

-Verification of funds

-Determining disbursement of any balances

-Forwarding of releases to county for recordation

-Preparing files for archives